The Overbook Farmacy targeted project area is characterized by three (3) census tracts in Philadelphia County (#’s 112, 113 and 114). According to the 2014 American Community Survey 5-year estimate, the total population of the three census tracts was 15,440; 4,921, 3,016 and 7,503 respectively. These census tracts consist of a majority African American population (96.7%) and exhibit poverty rates of approximately 35.4%, 36.9% and 25% respectively (U.S. census, ACS 2014). The three census tracts have homeowner rates of 65%, 65% and 60% (U.S Census 2014). Median family income in the three tracts (in 2014 inflation adjusted dollars) is $29,936, $31,553 and $41,779 respectively (US Census ACS 2014).

The project neighborhood called, “Overbrook” is located in Western, Philadelphia and will most directly benefit program participants living in zip codes 19131, 19151 and 19131. Overbrook is an environmental justice community that faces both physical and environmental health disparities and bears unfair burdens in health and wellness.  This community also has racial and ethnic disparities of heart disease, along with limited access to healthy foods in lower income communities, multiply nutrition-related health problems (Healthy Food Access Portal WEBINAR-Food Access & Health Impacts: Trends and New Research, April 4, 2013).